In metal extraction, a vast majority of metallurgical reactions are made to take place at elevated temperatures because than the ore compounds become relatively unstable, facilitating the release of the metal. This is the basis of pyrometallurgy. Pyrometallurgy deals with the methods of extraction of metals from their ores and their refining and is based on physical and chemical changes occurring at high temperatures, i.e. 500-2000°C.

Pyrometallurgical methods of metal production are usually cheaper and suited for large scale productions. Some of the noteworthy advantages of pyrometallurgy are:

  1. Reaction rates are greatly accelerated at high temperatures. So small units can achieve high production rates.
  2. Some reactions which are not thermodynamically possible at low temperature become possible at high temperatures.
  3. At high temperatures the products get melted or vaporized which makes easy, the physical separation of product metal from the gangue.Ex. Meta-Slag separation.
  4. Pyrometallurgy can bring about the reduction of a compound, which cannot take place in presence of water i.e. it has got ability to extract the reactive metals which can’t be reduced from aqueous solutions. Ex. Alkaline earth metals, zirconium, titanium etc.
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  1. Kennedykompanya

    Hey,my name is kennedy kompanya im a school leaver,this year i m apply course as a metallurgy engineer, guys i need your help so my can be easy the books and sylabus my email is

    • Satya Thakur

      We will be updating general study materials which will surely help you in your studies.

  2. Kenneth Mawe

    I just wanna be updated of any any new materials to help me in my course.

  3. Babu

    Hi, good evening. I’m student of metallurgy. Can anyone tell me good books to prepare for gate.

    • Metallurgist

      Besides the normal course books, you can refer to GATE 2013: Metallurgical Engineering by G.K. Publishers. I would also advice you to go through previous years GATE papers and study the pattern of questions from different sections of metallurgy.

      • Babu

        Hi, good evening. I’m a student of metallurgy. Can anyone tell me books for corrosion and powder metallurgy?

        • Nagaraju

          corrosion concept follow this books ……….fontana and zaaki ahmed…………my self follow its……….

    • Vinay Yadav

      Hi Babu, you are from which university?

    • shiva,MME-02,IIIT NUZVID

      Books list

      1.MPNFEM(H.S Ray)
      2.Kodgire(Physical metallurgy)
      3.Rate processing in metallurgy (A.K Mohnthy)
      4.Physical metallurgy by(Vijendra Singh)
      5.Introduction to Thermodynamics(G.S.Upadhyaya)
      6.Casting atechnology and cast alloys(A.K.Chakravarthi)

      General aptitude &numerical for gate preparation

      1.Quantitative aptitude test by T.S Jain(Upkar publications)
      2.Reasoning And Numerical Ability by(SIngh.s.k)
      3.Quantitative Aptitude by(R.S.Agarwal)
      4.Vocabulary(Barron’s Book-GRE)

    • ameer khan

      read callister and essentials of material book for physical metallurgy

  4. Nithya

    Hi…i am doing my last year in metallurgy,i am fully interested to do my MS in Germany, can you please tell me whether my idea is perfect if so tell me how to apply for the top most universities in Germany.

    • Nagaraju

      hi nitya U R from which university………..

  5. chandan kumar

    hi, good evening. I’m from nit jamshedpur, my branch is metallurgical and materials engineering.i want to go in the field of research.which book i shud follow…???

    • Pavithra Oleti

      Appreciable decision, but tell me your area of interest then only we can suggest any books that enhance your passion.

  6. Naveen varma

    hai good morning Am doing my processing) and now am intrested to do,raichur
    Can u please tell me whether my idea is gud ? ? ?

  7. nagamani

    please upload do you have any material with you i am a metallurgy student. my mail address is


    Can u tell me about careerjobs in metallurgy?????

    • shiva,MME,IIIT NUZVID

      Metallurgical engineers are recruited by:
      a)Oil companies: IOCL,Shell,Schlumberger
      b)Heavy Electricals: BHEL, Caterpillar
      c)General engineering companies: ITC(FMCG),Reliance
      d)Automobile companies:Ashok leylan,TVS,HERO, Tata Motors
      e)Metal companies:Vizag steels, Steel Authority of India Limited, Jindal steel,Tata steel, SAIL, Essar, Hindalco, Bhushan steels, Bharat forgeetc, Jindal Steel & Power Limited, Ispat Industries Ltd, John Deere, Reliance Industries Ltd..etc
      f ) Government organization include ISRO, DRDO, DMRL and Railway.
      The material science component of this course is frontier area of research in the west.
      It includes the study of semiconductor and nanotech.
      In a nutshell, this course gives you both avenues to pursue research and enough options when it comes to placements
      Average salary offered: 6 ~ 8 lakhs per annum


    Can u suggest project work Ideas for metaalurgy?????????

  10. satya sri

    hi ..i am satya sri,i am studying engg-2nd year….(meterial and metallurgy engg),i want to prepare some interesting books for mechanical metallurgy and non-ferrous extractive metallurgy….please tell me good books…..

  11. Jason Linnet

    Now a days most metals are being extracted by pyrometallurgical process.
    For more information anybody can mail me at


    take high temparature materials…….

  13. George

    Hi…i am doing my last year B.eng. in metallurgy,a nigerian i am fully interested to do my MS in Germany, can you please tell me whether my idea is perfect if so tell me how to apply for the top most universities in Germany.

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