The study of metallurgy actually explores what makes metals behave the way they do. This exploring is done by metallurgists, scientists who probe deeply inside the internal structure of metals. They seek to understand why the metals change its structure as it is heated and cooled under different conditions.

Predicting the internal behavior of iron and steel during heating, quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat-treating processes is an exciting challenge. The steel undergoes interesting changes and a metallurgist can predict the changes that will occur based on the composition of the steel and heat-treatments to which it is subjected. The examination and knowledge of this predictable behavior of iron and steel reflects the job of a metallurgist.

  • Daniel A. Brandt, J. C. Warner (2005) Metallurgy Fundamentals page 9 (ISBN: 1590703456)
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  1. siri

    What are the jobs in MME branch.

    • shiva

      Metallurgical engineers are recruited by:
      a)Oil companies: IOCL,Shell,Schlumberger
      b)Heavy Electricals: BHEL, Caterpillar
      c)General engineering companies: ITC(FMCG),Reliance
      d)Automobile companies:Ashok leylan,TVS,HERO, Tata Motors
      e)Metal companies:Vizag steels, Steel Authority of India Limited, Jindal steel,Tata steel, SAIL, Essar, Hindalco, Bhushan steels, Bharat forgeetc, Jindal Steel & Power Limited, Ispat Industries Ltd, John Deere, Reliance Industries Ltd..etc
      f ) Government organization include ISRO, DRDO, DMRL and Railway.
      The material science component of this course is frontier area of research in the west.
      It includes the study of semiconductor and nanotech.

  2. satya sri

    how to become a scientist…….how to learn all the subject of the mettalurgy…..


    jobs offered to MME branch?

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